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Entering Beijing Guang Ai School, Sam Group Carries Out the Activity of Helping Lonely People with Love

Source:Sam GroupDate:2022-02-09

On the morning of April 23, 2016, Sam Group Caring Society entered Beijing Guangai School, bringing mops, brooms, detergents, detergents, disinfectants and other washing and cleaning supplies to the children here, bringing warmth into this small yard with its own actions.

When they first entered Guang Ai School, the members of Sentian Ai Xin Society of China visited the basic facilities of the school under the leadership of Mr. Yang. Then they showed their magic powers. Some went to the kitchen to help the children cook lunch, others took the children to play basketball, while the beautiful aunts braided the beautiful girls, told them jokes and played with them. Then they worked together to clean up the school. The garbage piled up in the corner of the garden made room for children's entertainment.

The sunshine on Saturday morning has already got the scorching heat of summer. Although Morita Love Team is hot and tired all morning, it still enjoys it. Before leaving, they still don't forget to visit the children who have lunch. They are anxious to help the girl who can't find the utensils to solve the problem before they reluctantly leave. When the girl says goodbye, the tender "aunt" will come to see me next time. All right? " Let the people present have a kind of astringent warmth in their hearts. Of course, as a designated public welfare School of China Morita Aixin Society, members of Aixin Society will come to visit these lovely children again, help them study and live, witness their growth, with our small actions, let these unfortunate children feel more warmth from society and pass this love on.

Since its inception, Morita has actively participated in various forms of charity and public welfare activities, and has set up China Morita Love Society and Love Public Welfare Fund within the company. Morita has participated in organizing a number of activities, such as bringing Tibetan children to Beijing, helping mentally handicapped orphans and disabled children. In the future, the love activities mainly for vulnerable children will become the key public welfare goal of Morita in China and will be persisted for a long time. We hope that our persistence will attract more people to join this love team.

Thank all Morita family members for their active donations to charity activities, and express special thanks to the social personage @Mr. Wu Yongmin for his charitable donations.

Brief Introduction of Beijing Guangai Center

Guangai School is a non-profit charitable non-governmental educational institution founded by Shi Qinghua, which specializes in the reception of vagrants, orphans and disabled children from all over the country. Guang Ai School has been established for more than ten years. It has helped more than 600 orphaned and disabled street children all over the country to adopt a family-based life education model, which integrates eating, living and learning. School is the children's home, so that they can be protected, educated, sick and timely treatment. Through information feedback, find relatives for children, return to the embrace of relatives; through vocational skills training, make them learn a skill, have a certain means of livelihood and return to society. At the same time, help them to establish a correct outlook on life and values. At present, all materials and expenditures of Guang Ai School are donated by loving people from all walks of life. Specific requirements can be found on its website at