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Sam Team to Love People with Intellectual Disabilities

Source:Sam GroupDate:2022-02-09

On September 28th, Sam Group leader group headquarters and the media team representatives went to Tian Rui mental disabilities Rehabilitation Service Center, love to visit the center students. Sam Group special fund dedicated to support this event, the leadership of the staff is also actively raising funds for the rehabilitation center of a large number of students living in the school's essential items.

In the event, the group leaders listened carefully to the introduction of the center director, in-depth understanding of the lives of students, learning and rehabilitation services carried out by the center, but also to lead you to visit the overall environment of the center. In the exchange, the teachers love the spirit of dedication and the strong will of the students to make a deep impression on us, many employees are moved to tears. Morita group leaders have repeatedly said that the focus of vulnerable groups is an important social responsibility, but also a lasting love and care, the need for more loving friends to interact with each other.

Tian Rui rehabilitation center of the students are very enthusiastic, active and polite to greet and talk to each other, singing the "I and you", "run", "the world is only a good mother," and many other classic songs. Morita employees are also active with the students to sing, play games, the atmosphere is warm and active, cheerful laughter in the entire service center drift.

Brief introduction of Rehabilitation Service Center for mentally retarded persons

Beijing city Chaoyang District artclean rehabilitation service center is mentally handicapped adults with intellectual disabilities parents founded, Chaoyang District Disabled Persons Federation approval, the Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau registration, to provide young people with intellectual disabilities (adult, home, community, leisure, occupation) life skills training and service of private non-profit organizations.

The center is located in Chaoyang District East baxiang, adjacent to the community health service center and the national fitness center, rich community resources to provide a broad space for the center.

Center for career education all-round development for the education and training ideas, to objective evaluation of adults with intellectual disabilities in various fields based on capacity, the needs of students as the goal, in the four major areas of life skills training as the main content, design the teaching and training activities. Take ecological teaching methods, and actively explore the asylum employment service mode, make full use of various resources to create more opportunities for students to learn and practice, develop their potential, so that they have more independence and equal opportunities to participate in social activities, so that they improve the ability of independent choice in the process, to experience the joys of life and the value of life, enjoy a dignified life.

Center Address: Northwest Gate Village North Gate Street No. 151 Chaoyang District East baxiang
Postal Code: 100015
Tel: 010-84320757
Mobile phone: 13683043377