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Energy & Chemical

In accordance with the national energy development strategy, Sam Group hammers away at the business of petroleum and natural gas investment, development, production and sales. It has registered patents such as “solid particle of solidified bitumen”. By integrating high-quality resources such as oil and gas fields at home and abroad, Sam Group has been promoting the development of energy exploration and production, transmission and distribution, and terminal sale in a coordinate way. It carries forward themarket-oriented trading of petroleum and gas, and contributes to the sustainable development of green, low-carbon cycle of national economy.

Military Technology

Sam Group focuses on project investment, operation and management in the field of military-civilian integration and new material technology to promote the development of military technology industry. With the mission of “focusing on R&D, serving military industry, and supporting national defense”, Sam Group military industry sector focuses on the fields of aerospace high-end equipment manufacturing, satellite application, and new material equipment manufacturing, import and export. It is committed to promoting the development of military-civilian integration industry.

International Trade

The International Trade Group integrates high-quality resources at home and abroad to carry out international trade of bulk commodities such as energy, minerals, agricultural and sideline products, and chemical products. The team members have rich experiences in the Asian, North American, South American and Oceanian markets. Sam Group has established strategic partnership with many enterprises at home and abroad, and is committed to purchasing abroad for the market of China.


Sam Group provides integrated supply chain service for global automobile enterprises, including freight forwarding, road transportation and supply chain management, etc. We are committed to becoming a reliable and trustworthy intelligent supply chain service provider, using technology to drive digital, intelligent, and green efficient supply chain service in order to provide clients with integrated solutions characterized by “economical, efficient, worriless, and value-added”.

Port Affairs

Sam Group integrates domestic ports, wharves, fleets and other shipping resources to promote coupling development. It strives to build a modern port industrial chain, and continuously improves the integrated service capacity to provide customized services. The port affairs refer to the main businesses of the port industrial chain, including the loading, unloading, storage and transportation of containers, groceries and bulk cargoes. Inheriting the spirit of the Maritime Silk Road and adhering to the concept of “Chinese ports serve the world”, Sam Group attracts the resources of hinterland and gives full play to its advantages to provide high- quality, efficient and environmental friendly port services, and boosts leapfrog development of regional economy.


Sam Investment Group is committed to cooperating with promising enterprises with long-term development potential but undervalued currently. It makes equity investment in high-growth enterprises, emerging industries, and overseas high-quality industries. In addition, it provides a series of value-added services such as investment management and consulting. The investment area covers energy and chemical industry, port warehousing, military technology, bio-medicine, etc. By inheriting the investment concepts of “discovering, improving, creating and realizing values”, the group continuously innovate new equity investment and financing modes to realize the good faith cooperation and mutual benefit of each investment body.


As a creative and resourceful company, Sam Film has a professional and efficient production team, a senior marketing team, and brand agency partners. It is committed to becoming a high- quality producer which is able to influence others in the media industry. The business involves film and TV series development, production, investment, and publicity. It also conducts advertising business. Sam Film is devoted to working with elite teams at home and abroad to build a professional film company with international vision, social responsibility and commercial value.